No Two Child Custody Arrangements Are Alike

The top priority for most parents who are going through a divorce is to determine child custody and visitation arrangements. It is important, of course, that this be done with the utmost care. Divorces are hard enough on adults, but their impact on children can linger for decades.

The family law attorneys at ScottVassell & LeeCC Law Firm recognize the seriousness of this task. We will work with you and your family toward a workable child sharing plan that meets your needs and, most crucially, the needs of your children.

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When Does Equal Not Really Mean Equal?

For divorcing parents who are willing and able to share custody, the expectation is often that there will be a 50-50 split of parenting time. In practice, however, this may not be possible or practical.

It is frequently in parents' best interests to come up with a plan that is fair and achievable to both parties, even if it is not exactly equal. In any case, it is preferable for parents to work this kind of arrangement whenever possible, rather than relying on a judge to make the decision on their behalf — which might lead to a result that nobody wants.

Determining who is entitled to make major decisions, such as those regarding education, religion and other issues, is an important part of determining a child sharing plan.

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