Nobody Should Have To Suffer Silently From Domestic Violence

There are few issues in family law as critical as domestic violence. Being abused or threatened by a spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or other family member is devastating — not to mention potentially life-threatening. No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship.

Getting yourself and your children to a safe place is your top priority when you are under immediate threat. After that, though, you need to take some important legal steps in order to put some distance between your family and the abuser.

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We Help Clients Obtain Orders Of Protection

A crucial step you can take is to secure an order of protection, on an emergency basis and/or a long-term basis. This alerts law enforcement to your situation and makes it difficult for the abuser to contact you or your children, and may also contain provisions such as requiring the abuser to vacate the family home.

The attorneys at ScottVassell & LeeCC Law Firm will spring into action when you come to us with a domestic violence case. We care about our clients and we will work with you to help you re-establish peace of mind about your situation.

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