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What Do I Do? I or Someone I Know has been Detained by Immigration ICE Officals!

What Do I Do? I or Someone I Know has been Detained by Immigration ICE Officals!

Posted by: ScottMond Law Firm
August 26, 2010
Topic: Deportation & Detainment

A knock at the door and the dreaded happens. All you can think of is why me? An Immigration ICE official is at the door searching for you or your family member/friend. You knew your visa had expired and with valid reason. You ran out of money for school, you can't return to your home country where it is hopeless, destitute and no future exists for you at this time. Plus all your family or friends may be here in the United States. Nonetheless, here you are caught with an ICE official at your door who wants you to surrender yourself and your travel plus visa documents. Although you may have a good reason, U.S. Immigration laws are very strict regarding overstaying visas or falling out of status.

Cooperating with the ICE official is the first essential step in resolving your immigration status problems. Do not resist them for any reason, but promptly retain good aggressive immigration counsel. Foreign Nationals are usually immediately detained, but can be released in as short as 24-48 hours with bond being arranged by immigration counsel.

Determining whether you have good immigration relief is the first step of immigration counsel. There are several immigration waivers and cancellation of removal may be available even if you have a criminal record or encounters with the law on your record.

The overall process starts with an ICE officer coming out. They usually ask that you appear the next morning, or may take you into custody the same day. Once they process you, your attorney through DRO or Immigration court will arrange for bond. Next a Notice to Appear (NTA) is issued and you may be detained at an Immigration Facility until bond is paid. In Virgina, Hampton Roads and Rappahannock Regional Jail are the standard facilities used. Others are currently being opened. Having an attorney enter there appearance through a G-28 helps to ensure you are not transferred to another state. Finally, a court date is set and an immigration judge will then set a date once your immigration relief is identified.

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