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When Consular Processing is placed on Hold Due to Marital Problems.. Is All Lost?

Unfortunately, marital problems are all to real, and may cause a U.S. Citizen Spouse to second guess the application and/or the marriage in the middle of processing status for his or her spouse in the United States. This may happen after extensive fees and energy by both parties have been expended.

The question then becomes is all lost? The U.S. Consulates abroad through the National Visa Center (NVC) will close an inactive case automatically after a year per the Federal Regulations. However, there is an exception to keep the application 'alive' and not lose your application filing fees.

If the applicants seek to take time and resolve their marital problems the following steps should be taken every 3-6 months until a decision is made by the married couple whether to proceed:

  1. Call the National Visa Center and explain that you are unable to proceed with the application, but are still very interested in moving forward. (Be general without giving specifics); or

  2. Write the National Visa Center(NVC) and explain that you still intend to proceed with the application and kindly request they not close the application.

Make sure your address is always current, and writing to NVC with proof of receipt is always prefered over a phone call to NVC. Keeping them abreast of the status of your application will avoid the application being closed and/or deemed abandoned by the U.S. Government.

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