Criminal Law

The lead attorney that manages the criminal law practice here at Scott CC Immigration Law. She brings an outstanding mastery of Criminal law defense matters to each client’s case, and successfully manages a wide variety of criminal law matters. Our criminal law practice is focused on the DMV area (i.e. Commonwealth of Virginia, District of … Read more

H-1B Visas

Achieving Your H-1B Visa Goals The H-1B Visa is a temporary work visa issued to foreign nationals who want to work in a professional job in the United States. Only a limited number of H-1B visas are issued each year, and competition for one is fierce. If you want an H-1B visa, you need to … Read more

Criminal Charges & Immigration

Protecting Your Rights and Immigration Status If you are a visa holder or your immigration status is unclear and you get arrested, you need an experienced immigration lawyer as soon as possible. Without it, your immigration status could be at risk. Conviction on the charge could result in removal proceedings and eventual deportation. The attorneys … Read more

Worker Visas & Business Immigration

Immigration Solutions for Employers, Businesses and Organizations We provide U.S. Immigration Solutions in the following areas: Employment of a Foreign National Worker Business Expansion into the United States Starting a new company in the United States Religious and Charitable Organization Employment Investment in the United States The process of obtaining a U.S. work or business … Read more

U Visas

ILLEGAL OR OUT OF STATUS IF YOU ARE A CRIME VICTIM–U VISA STATUS OPTIONS If you know someone who is out of status here in the United States and has been the victim of a crime, he or she may be eligible for a U Visa. U visas are available to foreign nationals or aliens … Read more