Criminal Charges & Immigration

Protecting Your Rights and Immigration Status

If you are a visa holder or your immigration status is unclear and you get arrested, you need an experienced immigration lawyer as soon as possible. Without it, your immigration status could be at risk. Conviction on the charge could result in removal proceedings and eventual deportation.

The attorneys at Scott CC Immigration Law are aggressive and experienced immigration advocates. We work to prevent loss of immigration status and deportation of clients accused in criminal matters.

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Coordinating Efforts with Your Criminal Defense Attorney

In criminal cases, most defense attorneys focus on defending their client against only the charge itself. They may not consider the effects of a conviction or plea bargain on the immigration status of their client.

At Scott CC Immigration Law, we understand these effects and have experience handling them. We can work closely with your criminal defense attorney to preserve your immigration status and protect your rights during the legal process.

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Deportation and Removal Defense Advocates

Scott CC Immigration Law has successfully represented hundreds of clients in removal proceedings. If you have already been convicted on a criminal charge, our firm can defend your rights in the removal hearing and in any appeals that may follow.

Any interaction with a U.S. government official can result in immigration problems leading to removal. If you plan to travel outside the U.S., an attorney at our firm can review your situation and advise you regarding potential problems.

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